Welcome to my blog analyzing The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill for Mrs. Kwasnik-Senger’s English 30A Canadian Literature Enriched Class.

This novel is the inspiring tale of Aminata, a young African girl who is stolen from her village and sold into slavery. Despite all odds, Aminata utilizes her abilities as a midwife and her knack for languages to escape slavery and travel to New York, Nova Scotia, Sierra Leone and England. This adventure of a lifetime brings the reader straight into the heart of slavery and the courageous men and women who risk everything in order to regain freedom and return to Africa.

Here you will find my summaries and responses to each individual section, as well as links to my responses to my classmate’s blog posts, and my overall impression of the novel.

Summaries & Responses

Reading One

Reading Two

Reading Three

Reading Four

Reading Five

Reading Six

Response to Other Blogs

Comments on classmate’s blog posts

Overall Response to Novel


I would also like to point out that WordPress automatically posts based on a GMT clock and Saskatchewan is -6GMT, therefore some posts say they were posted on December 8th when they were actually posted on December 7th because I did not solve this problem until late evening on December 7th; this is also the explanation as to why my overall response to the novel is in the middle of my reading response if you scroll instead of using this list.